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FL Studio 7 tutorial?

2007-07-20 09:14:16 by DoomyCheese

I've had recent yearnings to get back into Flash and I thought creating a tutorial for FL Studio 7 would be a good way to start after my previous and somewhat successful FL Studio 6 tutorial (Link).

/long sentence

Please let me know if this would be a worthwhile pursuit.

What's Fl Studio?

FL Studio 7 tutorial?


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2007-07-20 12:41:28

Sounds great, FL can be quite confusing for beginning and this is the perfect place for them to learn.


2007-07-20 12:50:54

It's a good idea. I think a lot of new users will find it helpful. I know on the BBS people new to creating music are always after advice so a tutorial for the newest fruity loops would give them a great start if they download the demo or buy the package.


2007-07-20 13:53:21

yay porno banner :D

DoomyCheese responds:

Glad you like it.


2007-07-20 14:15:06

Personally I don't see the point, unless your gonna tell everyone how to use every NEW feature that came into FL7 since FL6, there no reason to make one. Your FL6 tutorial would do the same job as this new one.

DoomyCheese responds:

Ah, I never really looked at it that way. You're probably right though, I would just be bustin' my balls over nothing.